Inspired by Gram

R. eally A.lready
I.M. Not Jimbo

Sometimes I look at my hands, fingers jutting from knuckle like branches from a corkscrew willow. As they bend like a rusty hinge that never saw the glory of 3 in 1.

I can’t help but think of Gram. Her hands and fingers so twisted and swollen that just the sight of them conjured a brilliant phantom of pain in my own green hands. Yet after nearly ninety decades she would still get down on her knees and yank those persistent weeds from the garden, an enemy that she could see a fight that she still could fight.

Her sore exhausted hips sounding off as firecrackers as she struggled to the ground. by then she was ripping out prized irises and other beautiful plants convinced they were weeds but nonetheless she still fought through the pain to do what she was driven to. I’ve been facing this, on and off for nearly thirty years. Only as this level has been reached can I begin to grasp the amount of pain that poor amazing woman must have felt. A feeling akin to someone drilling directly into my knees with the dullest of drill bits. Waking to realize that some bitter hobgoblin had individually pressed each digit to anvil and struck down with hammer as I fitfully slept. The click finally came, that aha moment.

My inspiration to fight is strengthened by several but none more so than that 5 feet of fight that could conquer nearly anything.

More of my Poems the Original

This is probably the first poem I ever wrote for someone. I was a shy fat kid and to this day she is still the coolest chick I have ever known. She helped me find myself at a very difficult time in my life. I have met very few people with that much heart. I’ll always be grateful for that. She may or may not be the inspiration for the “Raven” from some of the other poems. I guess there are some people you will meet in life that you just can’t forget no matter how hard you try. It’s kind of a shame she’ll probably never get to read any of it.

Joyfully Laughingly
Jim Scott

Strands of hair darker than night
Bright Brown orbs of brilliant light
Prettiest smile ever known
Seeds of friendship rightly sown

Jade shade of that flight
Razor shredded heart when we fight
Do anything at all I can
Always be your fan
Tales of vampires read with delight
Crash of pool balls hit by white
Visions of arms locked so tight
When it was time to say goodnight
I know that things right now are bad
Hope this doesn’t make you mad
I really just wish you weren’t so sad

My life is all turmoil and plight
meeting you made my world alright

This is bad and kind of cheesy, full of abstractions and bad rhyme. But I was about 17 or 18 and a high school dropout at the time. I wrote it to cheer up a very good friend of mine that was sad. Of course I never showed it to her. I swore I’d never let anyone see these but hey it’s a new dawn it’s a new day bla bla bla and I wrote it. Plus I was inspired to look at some of my old stuff. Unedited in all its glory. Lol Feel free to mock, flame or make fun, but remember when I read it I go back to being a thin-skinned sensitive teenager not much has changed in 17 or so years. LOL

Found another weak one from about ten years ago.

Just Point Less

By James R. Scott

More than five years have passed
\since I saw you last
\since you went to follow your dreams
\many years you’ve been gone
\many things seen and done
\but fear there are none that affect me like thee
\so on this day when I see you again
\and ask this and that about how you have been
\from the depths of my heart shall I plea
\let it not be so long til I can sing song
\of reunion for you and for me