Going to Start Posting my Essays

So I’ve been writing a great deal for school. I’ve been thinking what good are these papers once they have been graded. I have discussed this with some of my professors. One even recommended that I improve on some of my papers and possibly have them published in an academic journal.

It is something I am thinking about but why should I pay someone else to publish my work. I know it looks good on grad school applications; it’s also great resume material. For now I’ll just hold on to those papers until I decide what to do with them. The mediocre stuff I think I’m going to publish it here.

That way if I decide to improve on it down the road I still retain full rights. That being said I find this stuff published anywhere else; I’ll do whatever I have to. Content thieves are still thieves.  Feel free to take excerpts as long as you link back. Give credit where credit is due, it’s a good practice, and It’s still a good way to start a conversation.

I’m saving the top stuff for now.

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