Fred Willard did What

Dude seriously, Fred Willard got busted for allegedly masturbating in a porn theater. That’s excellent. If it’s true he should be busted for stupidity. I mean surely he has some loot, I don’t care that he jerked off in an XXX theater, I would imagine that is what happens at those places. I just don’t understand why. Surely he could have called a professional to relieve any tension that may have built up. I mean is it some kind of thrill that people get from this sort of act. I really don’t get it. If it is about the public thing wouldn’t it be more fun to have a partner in public. It just seems odd, to each his own. By the way I could definitely see the thrill of the public thing with a partner, that’s kind of hot and actually sounds like fun. Hmmm… Anybody want to…? Never mind. Lol

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