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I generally will not change what I write unless someone proves me wrong. I guess in a way life forced me to rethink my position on Meatloaf, I wrote this quite some time ago and after serious thought I feel I may have been too hard on the guy. I still question his sincerity to some extent but who am I to judge. Either way an important charity benefited and that is the important part.

I have decided to revise the portions of the post that referred to Meat Loaf.



So I wanted to post about The Celebrity Apprentice I watched on this past Sunday night. Don’t ask me why. I just feel like it. If you have not seen the show, you may have no idea WTF I’m talking about. Let me just say I love some reality TV and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I have this lengthy piece on the good and bad about reality TV stuck in my head that will eventually make it to this blog, but whatever.

Every season I say to myself I won’t watch this crap again. Then lo and behold there’s one or two “celebrities” on that I’m curious about. Last season it was Bret Michaels. I mean I’m from Pittsburgh I had to root for Bret. The season before it was Annie Duke, the real winner that year. This season I’m not even sure why I started watching it. Probably John Rich I like some of Big and Rich’s tunes. I’m also a fan of some of Meat Loaf’s acting. Oh and of course Gary “the freakin train wreck” Busey.

The best and worst thing about Celebrity Apprentice and all reality shows for that matter is the brief glimpse into just how people act in certain situations. Those moments are really interesting to me especially when I find out someone I was a fan of is actually a complete asshole, or that someone I wasn’t all that fond of is actually deep down good people. Granted there is editing and whatnot, however the words still come out of their mouths.

That actually brings me to the point of this post. When did Meatloaf become get so weird?  I completely understand getting emotional about sick kids. His charity is a great charity. As are all of the charities featured, from what I saw I would have to say Meat did not agree.

I really think his biggest problem was lying to the donors. If he would have just made it clear to his donors that the funds would either go to The Painted Turtle or another worthy charity the problem would have been solved. Don’t come on a game show, play the game and then whine because you might lose.

Much respect to John Rich for offering to personally match Meatloaf’s donation, it’s good to see that he is a stand up guy.

Then on top of the whining he pulled that sweetie shit on Star Jones. That is punk shit. Saying hon or dear or sweetie in other situations is one thing. What he did was condescending bullshit. It’s a cheap shot weak people take when they know they are about to lose an argument with someone intellectually superior to them. Can’t lose to a girl right.

Another question I have about that episode of Celebrity Apprentice, Why did RuPaul leave the show? When did he start using the name NeNe anyway? I really don’t see why he had a problem with being on the men’s team shouldn’t he have started there? Just like Meatloaf should have started on the women’s team. Surely Trump was just correcting his original error.

One more note on the apprentice, I’m no fan of Star Jones, but I’m pretty sure Meat loaf or Marlee should have been fired. I guess they must have already had deals in place to be on next week.

“Reality” TV love to hate or hate to love, it is definitely entertainment to me.
I end this with just one more question. Is there anyone that would actually vote for that capital D Douche bag Trump for president?

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