Clutch The Best Band You’ll Ever Hear

“My subtle hustle smooth as mother’s butter” seriously though if I’m going to talk about me I have got to talk about Clutch. If you do not know the band Clutch, perhaps you do not know greatness. They won me over with Marcus and have never let me down since.

I could go into this that or some other bullshit about why I love their music, but truthfully all you need to do is listen to a few of their albums and you should see what I mean.

Clutch does not get the radio play or promotion that they deserve. This may be one of the reasons they have stayed on point all these years, but I doubt it.

Truthfully listen to any Clutch song and then listen to any random spew being broadcast as “music” on the radio. You’ll soon realize that most of those douchebags aren’t even talented enough to carry Neil Fallon’s mike stand. The dude is a genius both lyrically and vocally.

So you leap from the dung heap
Squirm like the Earthworm
In that mud called love

Come on how can you not love that. Earthworm by the way is one of my all time favorites for sure.

Instrumentally, just listen you’ll hear what I’m talking about there too.

Right now Blast Tyrant has worked its way back to the top of my playlist. I have to say I think it is my favorite album as a whole. I honestly could throw anyone of them in my disc player and just hit repeat though. Their sound has changed and evolved without a doubt yet it has still not degraded in anyway.

If you have not experienced them live you need to. They’ll be doing a very small US tour in the next couple of weeks. I think it’s something like 8 or 9 shows. I can’t go for reasons I won’t get into, if you’re smart you will.

I’ve actually thought about following them on one of their European tours one of these days. Like them goofy bastards used to do with the Dead. Who the fuck am I kidding that will never happen.

You can check out their tour dates at their site here. They are even keeping them cheap for broke asses like myself.

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  1. Dan says:

    Clutch is one of the best bands EVER. I listen to a lot of music and i’m a drummer. They have the best hooks and are so multidimensional. I saw them live and was blown away aa well. The best band a lot od people haven’t heard, but hey that’s their loss.

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