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America’s Healthcare Crisis: The Answer

My Proposal: Let Them Die
James R. Scott

Our great nation currently faces many issues that threaten our future prosperity. I would like to address one of these and a solution that I have come upon to combat it. Currently we have approximately 50 million uninsured citizens in America. Some may argue that some form of universal health care may provide a solution. I believe in a simpler solution. I believe that refusing treatment in emergency rooms and prison infirmaries to anyone without insurance is the answer. Eventually the uninsured will die off. This answer also solves several other issues with which America is currently struggling. This initiative will free up jobs, cells in prison, and also reduce the ranks of those who would have eventually collected social security. This measure will also in time revitalize an aging workforce. This plan is not an instantaneous solution; it will take time to see the results. I propose this initiative be called the “Let Them Die Plan.”

I must confess that this idea is not fully mine. The inspiration comes from former governor and presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty and Ron Paul. In an interview with Greta Van Susteren, Pawlenty states “One thing you could do is change the federal law so that not every ER is required to treat everybody who comes in the door even if they have a minor condition. They should be –If you have a minor condition, rather than being at the really expensive ER, you should be at the primary care clinic.”(Van)

While I believe Pawlenty is on the right track. I feel that he is certainly taking a far too soft approach on the issue. Ron Paul also addressed this issue in a speech to the tea party. Paul suggested that care for the uninsured should be the responsibility of churches. It is unfair to put this obligation on these organizations whose primary goal is to enlighten the ignorant heathens of the world. Paul also adds that remaining uninsured is an issue of freedom. If someone chooses to not have insurance they are making the choice not to receive treatment. A man should be free to choose his fate (Tea).

There are two key areas in which health care is actually provided without payment in this country, in the emergency room and prison infirmaries. In order for hospitals to accept Medicare patients, they are required to provide treatment to unstable patients regardless of insurance. This law does not legally force hospitals to treat these patients; however a hospital that is unable to accept Medicare could not possibly stay in business for long. The hospital is not required to cure these patients just treat them to a condition of stable. Hospitals do bill these patients after release but are rarely reimbursed for the costly services they administer. Prison infirmaries also are required to treat ill prisoners. When these patients in either case are treated this care is prolonging the inevitable, and also straining an already taxed system.

The prudent thing to do would be to let these people die off. In Epidemics II.5 Hippocrates states “The physician must be able to tell the antecedents, know the present, and foretell the future- must mediate these things, and have two special objects in view with regard to disease, namely, to do good or to do no harm” (Hippocrates). Uninsured persons will have very little access to future medical care. If a patient is treated to a stable condition in a hospital and then released this in essence is just prolonging the inevitable. I feel that it would be more humane to the patient and beneficial to the nation as a whole to allow nature to take its course. On his way to death, seeing that his fate was inevitable Socrates said “I regard this as a proof that what has happened to me is a good, and that those of us who think that death is an evil are in error.” (Plato, The Apology). Death is not the evil that many see it as. In this case the greater good is of more importance.

The argument may be brought that the families will suffer a loss. This fate is inevitable. I argue that this will actually lessen the burden on the family. When a family member is ill or in some false sense of recovery invariably someone must take up the reins and provide care for them. This care is not only costly it provides a great deal of stress to the elected caretaker. If however treatment is refused in the first place any goodbyes and pleasantries could be resolved in a timely fashion and the family could move on with their lives.

This plan is an efficient solution to the unemployment crisis that plagues our nation. A sick worker is a less productive worker. Allowing the infirmed to die off would provide opportunities for displaced workers to once again provide for their families.

Less demand on hospitals may mean less work for its employees I believe that there will be plenty of jobs to go around when the sick are allowed to die off. Approximately 22 million uninsured patients are treated in emergency rooms each year. Some of them will recover on their own. If even half perished, that would free up a great deal of jobs to be filled by the unemployed. This boost will add a new crop of healthy motivated workers because the herd will have essentially been thinned out by the process. This process would be cyclical. As one sick worker dies a new healthy worker would be available to take his place.

This plan also lessens the burden on social security. Social security disability currently accounts for a large percentage of the funds paid out by social security. Even if someone is insured when they are first approved for disability, eventually that insurance runs out if they are not allowed to return to work. I do not see a need for prolonging the process. In the cases where an individual has insurance, a triage should be made. This triage should then be referenced to a scale that predicts possibility of full recovery. If there is no possibility of full recovery then insurance should be revoked and this person should no longer have a right to be a drain. If by some miracle they recover then they can rejoin the ranks of productive society and once again retain insurance. The scale could be something similar to the current level of disability scale.

To demonstrate that I feel this idea is a grand idea. I submit that even I should be held to this standard. I had a stroke and was taken to the hospital by family. I was admitted and treated for a number of days. When released I was far from well. I was given instructions to follow up with numerous specialists however will not be seen by any because I am without insurance. I have not and will not fully recover. My productivity has suffered and my employer was obligated to let me go. This opened a seat for someone who will provide my former employer with much more value for their dollar. I also attend college; it is a struggle for me to attend. I believe that the grant money used for my attendance would better serve someone else. If my chance of recovery is questionable someone whose health is not questionable would be a much wiser investment for the people’s money. While I believe it is the duty of the citizen to avoid becoming a drain, sentimentality of the family may become an issue. I would have allowed the blood clot to eventually take my life and in turn remove myself as a burden. For this reason I believe this program has to be mandated by the government in order to remove the responsibility from the family. This program will also remove a sense of guilt that families may feel at not attempting to get the sick treated.

The argument for universal healthcare may be raised. In some perfect utopian society this idea may indeed be a possibility. I do not see how such an endeavor could be funded. I have even heard talk of rerouting funding from programs such as our military. In a time when our country is constantly under fear of attack by foreign invader it would surely be folly to reduce national defense funding. Merely to repair citizens who are going to eventually perish anyway. I have also heard the argument that funding could be freed up in areas such as research. Some would say that certain areas of research are unnecessary or even ridiculous. I feel that cutting edge research such as knowing the average penis size in the gay community is far more important to the citizens of this great nation than pulling a few extra years out of sickly people.

Furthermore even this universal health care would not address the problems of unemployment and would do nothing to reduce future candidates for social security. If everyone is provided with healthcare, the average lifespan in this country would increase and in turn there would be more people living to retirement age and draining social security. For this reason I feel the “Let Them Die” plan would be far more beneficial to our nation.




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The idea originated in a philosophy class and got scrapped. I ended up getting a chance to completely rework it for a LIT class.

Going to Start Posting my Essays

So I’ve been writing a great deal for school. I’ve been thinking what good are these papers once they have been graded. I have discussed this with some of my professors. One even recommended that I improve on some of my papers and possibly have them published in an academic journal.

It is something I am thinking about but why should I pay someone else to publish my work. I know it looks good on grad school applications; it’s also great resume material. For now I’ll just hold on to those papers until I decide what to do with them. The mediocre stuff I think I’m going to publish it here.

That way if I decide to improve on it down the road I still retain full rights. That being said I find this stuff published anywhere else; I’ll do whatever I have to. Content thieves are still thieves.  Feel free to take excerpts as long as you link back. Give credit where credit is due, it’s a good practice, and It’s still a good way to start a conversation.

I’m saving the top stuff for now.

Some lessons I’ve learned lately from the grandest comedy of all.

Let us start with a little background. I’m 34 years old. I don’t party. Once a month or so I have a few beers, other than that I’m fairly lame. I haven’t felt like myself for quite some time. Most who know me would say I’m a fighter and always have been. Truthfully I was getting sick of it. I was confused, forgetful and miserable. My speech was screwed up.

So on to the lessons that I have recently learned and possibly relearned.

Alright we’ll start with a doozy. I just had a stroke, that’s right 34 in decent health and I had a stroke. I’m gonna tell you what that was a shock. I lost almost 130 pounds, walking five or ten miles a day and bang. I was in class and forgot my own name. I still came home and put a shift in at work before I went to the hospital. I figured they would fix me up over the weekend so I could be back in class on Monday.

WRONG, Jim you had a stroke.

“You’re going to be here for a while.” Beautiful! There was one upside, for the first time in I don’t know how long I got to sit back relax and watch the game. Granted I was interrupted by tests and only one of my eyes worked right at the time. Still it was so nice to just get into the game. My Pittsburgh card might get pulled for saying this but I was so happy to see the Pats beat the Ravens and yes I was hoping Hernandez would catch that ball in the super bowl too.

Lesson 1: Learn to take time and relax. Working yourself constantly is not as honorable as it sounds. Take some time for yourself or your work will suffer anyway and you will not be happy.

So a little more about the stroke or CVA if you like. It was caused by … “and the envelope please” A congenital anomaly of the arteries in my brain. That’s right folks I was born with it. All the problems over the years the mysterious forgetful moments, the headaches, the seizures when I was a baby and 34 years later they found the issue. My mom took me to a ton of doctors over the years and it took a stroke to finally find it.
Am I bitter? I was for a day or two. I screwed up more than a few times due to the problems and I hate that my mom had to see me in that condition. Who knew that one little over the counter pill could have helped this all.

Now I am liberated. I haven’t felt like myself in so long and now I am back. A little battered, my left side weaker than my right and a few other problems, but the important part is I am myself again. I’ll take Jimmy at 75 percent over any alternative there is.

Lesson 2: Shit happens. There are just certain things in life that we can’t change. I know serenity prayer right. This is still an easy one to forget at times. I could whine, bitch or complain. Frankly that would just be stupid. Wah wah I had a birth defect and it did this and this. Look at all those fantastic people out there who were born with severe congenital problems and are still happy wonderful vibrant folks.

In the grand scheme my problem is minor. With work I’ll fully recover and eventually be better than ever. Best of all if I do everything right I shouldn’t have to worry about it again. Now I can make the most of every moment I have and there will be a lot of them. I will change the world.
Wow I did not plan on making this post so long. Just a bit more I swear. Some of you may know I just went back to college. I had this big plan of going all the way through law school. Law school hmm will it happen? I’m not so sure anymore. I may change my major to something that involves early human development and congenital disorders.

When I started back to school I let my writing career lapse. I took an actual contract job and figured forget about writing. Here we are four or five weeks in and I’ve heard that same old story. “Jim you have a gift.” “Jim face it you are a writer.” Why would I want to resist it anymore?

Lesson 3: Own your talents and hone your talents. Your talents are a gift, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a valuable talent. If you are, have some balls and put yourself out there.

Over the years I have crafted quality pieces and then sold them for a few pennies a word. Then someone else put their name on them and that was that. As I look over my past work. I see something unexpected. One would think that my work should improve with all that practice. The opposite happened. I was getting paid crap so I started writing crap. Not anymore. I will still sell first usage rights at times. I will never do it for pennies again. As I have started writing essays and research papers I have found my joy again.

Lesson 4: Never sell yourself short. Realize your own value.

Summary: Love yourself, value yourself, and take time to enjoy life. Let the people you care about know how you feel. Embrace the things that you are good at. Never be afraid to shine or you may regret it one day. Make the most of every moment you have. Sometimes there are things in life that you just can’t change, try not to sweat it.

Oh and one more to add help somebody if you can.

Meat Loaf on Celebrity Apprentice

I generally will not change what I write unless someone proves me wrong. I guess in a way life forced me to rethink my position on Meatloaf, I wrote this quite some time ago and after serious thought I feel I may have been too hard on the guy. I still question his sincerity to some extent but who am I to judge. Either way an important charity benefited and that is the important part.

I have decided to revise the portions of the post that referred to Meat Loaf.



So I wanted to post about The Celebrity Apprentice I watched on this past Sunday night. Don’t ask me why. I just feel like it. If you have not seen the show, you may have no idea WTF I’m talking about. Let me just say I love some reality TV and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I have this lengthy piece on the good and bad about reality TV stuck in my head that will eventually make it to this blog, but whatever.

Every season I say to myself I won’t watch this crap again. Then lo and behold there’s one or two “celebrities” on that I’m curious about. Last season it was Bret Michaels. I mean I’m from Pittsburgh I had to root for Bret. The season before it was Annie Duke, the real winner that year. This season I’m not even sure why I started watching it. Probably John Rich I like some of Big and Rich’s tunes. I’m also a fan of some of Meat Loaf’s acting. Oh and of course Gary “the freakin train wreck” Busey.

The best and worst thing about Celebrity Apprentice and all reality shows for that matter is the brief glimpse into just how people act in certain situations. Those moments are really interesting to me especially when I find out someone I was a fan of is actually a complete asshole, or that someone I wasn’t all that fond of is actually deep down good people. Granted there is editing and whatnot, however the words still come out of their mouths.

That actually brings me to the point of this post. When did Meatloaf become get so weird?  I completely understand getting emotional about sick kids. His charity is a great charity. As are all of the charities featured, from what I saw I would have to say Meat did not agree.

I really think his biggest problem was lying to the donors. If he would have just made it clear to his donors that the funds would either go to The Painted Turtle or another worthy charity the problem would have been solved. Don’t come on a game show, play the game and then whine because you might lose.

Much respect to John Rich for offering to personally match Meatloaf’s donation, it’s good to see that he is a stand up guy.

Then on top of the whining he pulled that sweetie shit on Star Jones. That is punk shit. Saying hon or dear or sweetie in other situations is one thing. What he did was condescending bullshit. It’s a cheap shot weak people take when they know they are about to lose an argument with someone intellectually superior to them. Can’t lose to a girl right.

Another question I have about that episode of Celebrity Apprentice, Why did RuPaul leave the show? When did he start using the name NeNe anyway? I really don’t see why he had a problem with being on the men’s team shouldn’t he have started there? Just like Meatloaf should have started on the women’s team. Surely Trump was just correcting his original error.

One more note on the apprentice, I’m no fan of Star Jones, but I’m pretty sure Meat loaf or Marlee should have been fired. I guess they must have already had deals in place to be on next week.

“Reality” TV love to hate or hate to love, it is definitely entertainment to me.
I end this with just one more question. Is there anyone that would actually vote for that capital D Douche bag Trump for president?

Thanks Mom Stuff I love Number 1

I wrote this to express my gratitude on Mother’s day. This is not typical of what you can expect to find here on JRoyd.com. I just wanted to say thank you to my Mom and my Great Grandmother for all that they have done for me. I plan to eventually have a column called stuff that I love. Let’s call this the inaugural post.


Once again it’s Mothers day and I have nothing to give that can even begin to match all that she has done for me. I was fortunate enough to have essentially two mothers, my mom and my Great grandmother.

Gram was a wonderful woman that has since gone home to be with the lord. She was so many things to me as well as so many others. The woman had a hand in raising generation after generation. To give an idea she was 72 when I was born and I was fortunate to have her in my life until I was 21 years old.  I sometimes think she somehow fought it out until I became an adult. She was both the toughest and one of the most caring people I have ever known all wrapped up in one mighty little package.

Me and Gram


me and gram

can you believe she used to let me do her hair

I don’t want to get negative in this little essay here, so I’ll just be generous and say my dad was a not a helpful presence. It was great for my mom and I that we had Gram. Now I’m not saying my mom couldn’t have done it without gram there, having her there just made things so much better.

On to the actual focus of this piece, my mom. Gram also had a significant hand in raising her. It shows, through her strength, intelligence and beauty.  I’m not sure my mom always realizes just how strong she is, or how proud I am of her for that.

me and mom

Me and my wonderful mom

I am also proud of how successful my mom was on a professional level. To this day I still meet people that worked with her even just briefly years ago, and they have nothing but praise.

Everyone likes my mom. Other than a few people that obviously have some serious issues of their own. You can’t win em all. It is kind of funny; I have never met anyone else that people take a liking to so quickly. I know it may just seem like my bias, but it is much more than that.

As an example:  I have friends that have only met her once years ago and still to this day talk about how great she is. Or an even better example of this: we worked as a real estate team about ten years ago. Not long ago I ran into an agent that we worked a deal with. She still talks about how great it was working with my mother. This agent is not some weekend warrior or bored housewife; she is a big time multi- million dollar producer. It was really cool to me that my mom had that much of a lasting effect on her, that after all those years and countless deals. She still remembered her quite fondly.

Perhaps the thing I am most proud of is her strength. I won’t be getting personal here; I’ll just say there were definitely some rough times.  A number of them caused by me. She had the strength and perseverance to see us through. Had I been born to a lesser woman I’m pretty sure I would just be some faded memory somewhere along the way.

Her creativity is also worth mentioning. It comes from my great grandmother, that women could do just about anything, calling her a crafter would be like calling one of the masters just painters. Now I’m not sure if these types of skills are inherited or taught, I suspect it is some sort of combination. There were only two people I have known that came close to matching her. My mom and her mother my grandma Wawa.  Gram and grandma Wawa are no longer with us, but their creativity lives on through my mom and she definitely does them justice.


I am thankful everyday that I have my mom. I’m going on 34 and I know that I can still call on my mom for anything. I know that I am not as strong or as kind or as creative (well I might have that one) as my mom, but I know that I have the potential to be because of what she has taught me. This has given me the desire to always strive to be a better me.

I hope that throughout my life that I can do her and gram justice. If in the end I am fortunate enough to have had even a fraction of the positive impact they have had on people, I’m cool with that.

So, Thanks Mom I love you and Happy Mothers Day


To anyone reading this who doesn’t know me, I do look a bit different nowadays.


RED= edit. Note on my father:   I don’t usually change things once I’ve written them but there is no sense in hurting people that do not deserve it. Those who were around know what was up, it doesn’t mean I didn’t love the dude. This post is about my mom and all the wonderful that she did in spite of things.

Clutch The Best Band You’ll Ever Hear

“My subtle hustle smooth as mother’s butter” seriously though if I’m going to talk about me I have got to talk about Clutch. If you do not know the band Clutch, perhaps you do not know greatness. They won me over with Marcus and have never let me down since.

I could go into this that or some other bullshit about why I love their music, but truthfully all you need to do is listen to a few of their albums and you should see what I mean.

Clutch does not get the radio play or promotion that they deserve. This may be one of the reasons they have stayed on point all these years, but I doubt it.

Truthfully listen to any Clutch song and then listen to any random spew being broadcast as “music” on the radio. You’ll soon realize that most of those douchebags aren’t even talented enough to carry Neil Fallon’s mike stand. The dude is a genius both lyrically and vocally.

So you leap from the dung heap
Squirm like the Earthworm
In that mud called love

Come on how can you not love that. Earthworm by the way is one of my all time favorites for sure.

Instrumentally, just listen you’ll hear what I’m talking about there too.

Right now Blast Tyrant has worked its way back to the top of my playlist. I have to say I think it is my favorite album as a whole. I honestly could throw anyone of them in my disc player and just hit repeat though. Their sound has changed and evolved without a doubt yet it has still not degraded in anyway.

If you have not experienced them live you need to. They’ll be doing a very small US tour in the next couple of weeks. I think it’s something like 8 or 9 shows. I can’t go for reasons I won’t get into, if you’re smart you will.

I’ve actually thought about following them on one of their European tours one of these days. Like them goofy bastards used to do with the Dead. Who the fuck am I kidding that will never happen.

You can check out their tour dates at their site here. They are even keeping them cheap for broke asses like myself.

The Future Home of Jroyd

Welcome to the future ranting place of Jroyd and he’s got a lot of nothing to say. One of these days we will get this thing underway.

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