A Poem I wrote

I wrote this for class and to get some things off my chest. It has gotten some pretty good responses.
Juxtaposition of Pleasure and Lament

I miss her


Juxtaposition of Pleasure and Lament
J.R. Scott

The raven returns to the city once rotten,
Seeking the one who’d thought she’d forgotten.
A Dozen had passed since raven departed,
Both feared the great reunion’d be thwarted.

The moment of truth when the call came,
Could it be true, they both felt the same.
As much as he battled, tears he did cry,
Just gazing at, that shade of tiger’s eye.

A feeling long forgotten or so he had thought,
An overwhelming instant of swoon he fought.
Amazing years later, emotions still strong
A final chance, to right severe wrong.

But once again timing was not with them,
That joyous moment turned into bedlam.
He was not the hero, that she remembered,
Years and the world, had left him battered.

Fear of locking her to a life less than deserved
The whole of the parts left him unnerved.
She tried to console him, and said he was her king.
He could not get past, the simplest of things.

So full of fear of holding her back,
For only a moment he was off track.
Had he stood and fought, stead of pushing away,
Perhaps a different tale, would be told today.

For that fair raven his heart has ever burned,
Each new encounter a painful lesson learned.
Yes Snow and Raven, hurt each other easy,
Yet he was her king, and she his Khaleesi.

The latest of battles left him severely wounded,
Memory disappeared quickly from his head.
But one distinct memory, he could not let go
The image of the raven, that he used to know.

From the heavens Raven was sent
All the tears shed, all well spent.
Oh dear fair Raven, such a stunning creature,
The depth of her heart, the most resounding feature

Oh indeed at times he does still weep
For Flawed perfection once in his reach
The fairest of maidens, he has since met,
Have been amazing, but none like her yet.

Accepting of the blame that kept them apart,
He pays his daily penance with dagger to heart.
For his misdeeds, forever cloaked in guilt,
his heart remains ensconced, in briar laden quilt.

He shall suck it up and leave it to fate,
And hope for forgiveness fore it’s too late.
In the moment, no choice left but move on
But deep within his heart, the fires still strong.

Oh there were others that touched him deeply
Beautiful freckles and smiles of “Spring beauty ”
The little Italian “Teacher,” and even “the rat”
The raven was his dearest, no question of that.

Oh the days when he questioned his own worth
Raven made him feel like the greatest on earth
The thought of her, and the songs that she sang
Bring toothy grin, with great twinge of pain

So if the winds should carry this to Ravens ear
Know that the Bastard forever holds her dear
As he fights his battles, and once again he’s won
Know that he’s still inspired, by his number one

Maybe in another life or even nother day.
Leave it to the Gods, all he can do is pray

Though when questioned, he’ll protest and deny hope.
He wishes her the best, and misses her the most


Ah the musings of J.R. Scott

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